To the Mommies


Dear Mommies of the world,

I salute you. I am amazed by you. I am sometimes jealous of you, often wishing I was one of you. I am in awe. I praise you. I honor you.

We are babysitting my older step-daughter’s three kids – ages eight, seven and two – for 11 days. We are on day seven. I am exhausted. I wish I could nap as easily as the two year old, because I’d put myself down right now and join him for a good three hours and pray that I would get up as cheerful and well-rested as he will.

We’ve babysat before, we’ve even babysat for 11 days before. But never three, for 11 days.

I brought lots of books, magazines and old newspaper sections on the trip, thinking I’d have free time to read, meditate, catch up with friends on email and find new inspiration for this blog. I am a night owl, but cannot stay awake past 9:00. I can hardly write a paragraph. I haven’t sat peacefully. Other than taking great care of the three grandkids, I haven’t accomplished anything on my to-do list.

The unrelenting pace of childcare is astonishing. Their days are jam-packed – tennis, swimming, “muscle class,” chess club, golf, soccer, birthday parties, going-away parties, school, playing, homework, bathing, dressing, dreaming and reading.

How do you mommies do it? How do you raise your kids and work, and cook and shop and volunteer for your kids’ school, spend time with your husband, exercise, do creative projects, clean your homes, maintain friendships and on and on and on?

You are amazing and beautiful. I think you are remarkable.

A few links I hope you enjoy:

I love nuts, and this pistachio pound cake sounds delicious.

Did you know dogs do NOT like being hugged? That, and 20 other facts about these heavenly beings here.

I too have always been “mad keen” on horses, like Olympian Mary King. This video of her brings me to tears every time. Even if you aren’t crazy about horses, give this a look.

We saw the movie, “Mud” the other night and I loved it. The performance that the leading child actor, Tye Sheridan gives as “Ellis” is breathtakingly real and so vulnerable, it almost hurts to watch. (I predict this kid is going to grow up and win an Oscar someday.)  In his spot-on review, Joe Morgenstern of the WSJ writes, “Ellis is a lover-in-training, hormones pounding and cortex vibrating with confusion.”  A painfully beautiful portrait of young love, broken love, romantic love, and make-believe love. I cannot wait to see it again.

My darling, beautiful mother-in-law is celebrating a birthday next month and we are hosting a mini family reunion. I’d love to put up a few of  these cool tents in our backyard.

Keeping with the theme of this post, one of my favorite people is pregnant and her first baby is due in November. Here’s a guide to surviving pregnancy for her.

Have a great weekend! xo Grandma Gigi






4 responses to “To the Mommies”

  1. avatar erin says:

    You sound very alive, Ligeia. One things kids do is live in the moment. When I can channel that energy from my own children, I appreciate the gift. Now go take a nap!

    • avatar Ligeia Polidora says:

      Thanks Mommy Erin. You are one of the amazing, creative, beautiful Mommies I was writing about.

  2. avatar Diane says:

    How lucky they are Ligeia to have such an amazing woman appreciate, be apart & take note of all their specialness in their lives…you are a true beauty inside & out xoxo

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