“Best of Show” for our 2010!

Dark & Delicious '13

I had a technical glitch, so I am re-publishing this post. Sorry for any duplication, but the news was too good NOT to shout about. 

This year’s Dark & Delicious was another big success. Lots of fun, yummy food and new fans. We released our ’10 vintage at this event and got great reviews.  We think it is even better than our ’09, which received rave reviews.

Wine lover and blogger TJ attended this year’s event and wrote a long, detailed and very helpful post on his Bach to Bacchus blog summarizing his take on Petite Sirah and the annual food and wine tasting event.  (Sign up if you haven’t yet, this blog is a well written and helpful guide to a variety of wines.).

Selfishly, we have to admit that the fact that TJ liked our Trueheart Petite Sirah the most of all the wines he tasted is the part we liked the best! Here’s what he wrote:

My favorite Petite Sirah of the tasting was the Trueheart Vineyard 2010 Petite Sirah ($35) from Sonoma Valley. Only 324 cases were produced by winemaker Alex Beloz. Very deep, dark purple in color, this was incredibly well-balanced, with ripe blackberry, along with very nice PS pepper, a great mouth-feel and an intense but not overly extracted presentation.  It had great structure with well integrated tannins and eschewed the fruitier, sweeter presentation that is found in some Petite Sirahs these days.  It was so good I couldn’t bear to spit it out and swallowed.  This is one of the very finest Petite Sirahs I’ve had in recent years and the sort of Petite Sirah that makes the varietal so dear to me. I plan to order some of this and take careful notes.

Dark & Delicious

Dark & Delicious '13

We are so pleased and proud! And, a big thank you to Gary King of Astoria Wine Group and his charming, smart and beautiful girlfriend Diane (above) for representing Trueheart on our behalf.  Look for us (below) to be back again next year!

Dark & Delicious


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