Wine Enthusiast gives Trueheart a 90 rating!

We are feeling like proud parents whose kid just got picked to be class president, or valedictorian, or captain of the football team.  We just received an email that the editors at Wine Enthusiast rated our ’09 with a 90!!  (Easy to remember, huh?  ’09 = 90.)

While we, like any decent parent, have long known that our wine is delicious, it is really great getting validated by an impartial third party.

Please click over to our website: here – and order a bottle (or a case) to try it for yourself! We think you’ll love it. But don’t take our word.  Ask the editors at Wine Enthusiast!



2 responses to “Wine Enthusiast gives Trueheart a 90 rating!”

  1. avatar Vickie Bates says:

    Congratulations! (Though not surprising – they obviously have good taste!)

  2. avatar Janet says:

    Fantastic news! Couldn’t be more pleased for you. And I love those chickens.

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